Friday, October 16, 2009

That Guy

OK, I try to keep the self-immolation to a minimum over on Facebook. And that means that you 1 or 2 people who RSS'ed the CBIP blog have to bear all of my whining. The thing is ... I like this European gig. I like the challenge. I like building something new. I like moving the needle on our business here in Europe - and that's showing results now after a year. I like being the odd American who makes the move to a non-Anglo country with some level of business and cultural success.

But there are days.

And today was one of them: an early morning Eurostar to London, a day full of meetings, and then a late evening Eurostar home to Paris while colleagues back in the US are calling me all along the way. It was a great day in London but the whole thing is exhausting sometimes.

Exhale ... Bordeaux ... Chèvre Chaud ... chocolate ... OK I feel better now.