Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Redeye

The redeye from JFK to Orly. I won't try to sell it as a terrible hardship. Afterall, it was on this weird airline called Openskies on which the entire aircraft is set up as business class. It's a strange experience ... makes one wonder: is the appeal of business class the enhanced service or the set-apart-ness? Or said another way, if everyone is special then is no one special? Or am I just a jerk because somehow I find a reason to whine about traveling in business class?

The good news is that my post-transatlantic travel transition period seems to be shrinking. The old rule of thumb (a day of transition per time zone crossed) used to apply but I seem to have down to a couple of days now. I

It's mid-September and the rentrée is complete: the tourists have thinned out and the Parisiens have returned. The weather is turning to Fall and you know what that means ... scarves everywhere!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WWII Geeks?

Any other World War II geeks out there? This cartoon was reprinted in Le Monde yesterday. It was originally published in France in 1939 after Ribbentrop and Molotov signed the nonaggression treaty between Germany and the Soviet Union.

The caption says, "Combien de temps va durer leur lune de miel?" meaning: how long will their honeymoon last?

There's something deeply disturbing about Stalin in a wedding dress.